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Pop Musiq

Liquid Break :: Hidden Element

The live band, Liquid Break, and Drum and Bass producers, Hidden Element, joined in the studio to build the pieces making up Pop Musiq. Ranging from high energy to relaxed, the musical range has moments resembling film scores.

Simple Song builds drumming, bass guitar, horns, keys, and field recordings with DnB sequencing. Percussion is fore front with vocals building the transitions.

The next tack slows the tempo down. Guitar and trumpet set a bluesy feel leading into the fast tempo Outside Blues with prominent bass guitar, slide guitar, heavy bass stabs, and broken driving rhythms.

Not for Mortal is a suitable outro. Experimentation with a repeating drum rhythm fades to an uplifting ambient phrase.

  • Simple Song
    Liquid Break, Hidden Element
  • I Saw Your Contours in the Streetlight
    Liquid Break, Hidden Element
  • Outsider Blues
    Liquid Break, Hidden Element
  • Not for Mortal
    Liquid Break, Hidden Element
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